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Cam now has independence and is a happy guy

Simon Cotton tells how Travel Scoot has changed his life

Hi Daniel Thank you for posting some of your cards, that was very thoughtful and they’ll be useful as we’ve been singing the praises of the Travel Scoot loud and clear since we returned from our 7 weeks away. It was just brilliant, and it took us around the world with no anxiety about David’s feet, so we were able to enjoy ourselves in many different environments. The only time we needed to pack it down was when there were 4 of us plus 4 suitcases in a rental car, so we collapsed it down into its sail bag. No problem. David actually went for miles in Berlin, and the battery held out well. It fitted into London black cabs with ease and enabled the exploration of many museums and galleries. But it’s real worth was in airports – to be able to arrive, check in and then take it to the door of the plane, and then reverse the process when we arrived, was amazing. The only airport where we didn’t use it, because we wanted to make the most of the wheelchair and the attendant to get us through America’s entry and exit processes, was Los Angeles. And the only airline which proved a bit of a problem was Air France, but we waited them out and eventually they decided both the scooter and the battery were ok. So, many thanks for your prompt delivery of this little beauty, we are already planning our next trip!

David actually went for miles in Berlin, and the battery held out well. It fitted into London black cabs with ease and enabled the exploration of many museums and galleries. But it’s real worth was in airports – to be able to arrive, check in and then take it to the door of the plane, and then reverse the process when we arrived, was amazing. The only airport where we didn’t use it, because we wanted to make the most of the wheelchair and the attendant to get us through America’s entry and exit processes, was Los Angeles. And the only airline which proved a bit of a problem was Air France, but we waited them out and eventually they decided both the scooter and the battery were ok. So, many thanks for your prompt delivery of this little beauty, we are already planning our next trip!.

Thank you again and again.

Hi Daniel  This is for your reference or for advertising!!!!!. I have just returned from a cruise from Sydney to Auckland, having flown to Sydney from Auckland. I would like all readers to know that my Travel Scoot was the centre of attraction with passengers and crew alike. Passengers would stop me as I was “cruising around the ship, 3000 passengers”. asking me every question imaginable, all very very interested in my wee scooter. When I rode it up to my table, in the dining room, there was a mad rush from waiting staff, to ride it back to a vacant area to park. All in all a very popular little scooter. NO trouble at all on the gang ways or being lifted in and out of the tender [ where we had to anchor in the bay]. I then had the benefit of riding round the shops with my wife as I have not done for years, as my ability to walk is very limited. This little wonder is one of the best investments I have ever made, certainly since sliced bread. It has completely changed my way of life, my outlook on life, and all for the better, after all, one is a long time dead. I can only HIGHLY recommend the Travel Scoot to any one with a walking disability or mobility problem. P.S. If mine was run over by a Tank today, I would have a new one tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Scooting to you all

Hello Daniel, I have recently returned from an extensive O/seas vacation. I cannot speak highly enough of the use I have had from my purchase just before travelling O/seas in July.I could not have enjoyed the trip so much if I had not invested in this unique fold up scooter. We visited 16 countries.It was so easy to assemble when needed.

A week in London visiting the sights with the scoot often drew many people around asking all about it. A gathered crowd took many photos while I demonstrated its simple collapsibility and assembly. I lowered the steering shaft for the coach journey both Coventry then Dover . The driver just raised the outside luggage door and it was just lifted in, all assembled .

Around the cruise ship to Norway, I used the lifts on board and just steered it down the gangways at the many stops where I was able to enjoy the sightseeing of the beautiful cities we encountered. The cities of the Baltic are very old, the streets are generally cobbled but they were never a problem with the scooter apart from being a bit bumpy.

We often did group touring at these places and so Amsterdam, Stockholm, St Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn, Riga and Klaipeda where I scooted up a long steep forest track to view an old Russian Missile sight .I carried it onto barges,buses, and placed it in the boot of taxis with no problems, or extra charge. A return to Dover took me and ‘Cooter’ all the way up the very steep road to the top car park of huge Dover Castle.

This was a real test because I had to come down again. The only time I used both brakes full on but made it with a few skid marks left behind on the gravel. I drove it onto the Ferry for the crossing to France where I went ahead to find accommodation for our party of three. It was a very useful conveyance for searching out train stations, hotels, restaurants and even ATM machines. I used many escalators. Just hold it on the steps till alighting at the top, same going down.. no problem.

Trains across Europe often have a gap between the carriage and the platform but an extra heave got it aboard and into the area provided for such devices. The Travelscoot often attracted a lot of interest. So much so,that there were many, photographs taken and enquiries of it’s purchase origin. One American went on his I/pad and ordered one for his return and further was going to request an agency in Colorado. This happened again in Italy and Austria.

I am sure that no other Travelscoot has been put thru the rigors of travel that mine has and I recommend these little beauties to anyone with no hesitation. It did more than I could have expected and I could never have got thru our trip without the ease and comfort of the Travelscoot.

In hindsight the only problem I had was when going thru the security screening at Frankfurt International. The officials had never seen one and were worried re the battery being carried in the hold. . I pointed out that in fact, it was engineered in Germany and produced the manual containing the specifications. They took both away and studied it all. Finally a clearance was given. I pointed out that I had taken 2 flights previous flights to England thru Korea with no problems. They are naturally very security conscience in Europe over past sad events, understandably. There was a closure of the Airport when we were there waiting for our flight and we had to leave for outside while a robot checked a solitary bag left alone near us.

Please contact me should you require any further info on the use of these wonderful conveyances for mobility.

The battery never looked like giving in. Try Norway and the ice for a thrill..

Thank you thank you thank you! I love the Travelscoot — it is so much fun and has eliminated moving around in pain.

I am so happy with my TravelScoot! My life, my mental health, my happiness has improved so much from this purchase. I have spent thousands of dollars on all types of products, shots and medication for pain, but this beautiful machine has literally saved my life!

A little dramatic I know but you have no idea how miserably depressed I was.

Thank you again and again.

I made it to Europe and back and the Scoot was great. Even on the cobblestone roads in Italy! Charging was no issue either. Thanks again for a lifesaver!

My short answer to the question “Does the TravelScoot REALLY work on ship?” is a resounding YES!

I have owned mine for about a year and a half and have taken it on two cruises, the next is in 4 weeks! I have had no problems whatsoever.

Before I purchased it, I too had read there were problems with inclines. Those concerns have however, for me, borne no fruit. In airports, the ONLY time I had some difficulty getting up the ramp to the terminal, I had forgotten to take off the parking brake!!! It still made it up the incline despite that impediment.

I weigh 205 lbs., so I’m not a small person either, and It had handled everything I’ve asked of it with ease. This includes transporting me, my carry-on and my husband’s carry-on through airports.

Our car is a Toyota Camry Hybrid and it fits, when folded, either in the trunk or in the back on the floor or the seat. I have MS and arthritis, but have had no difficulty transporting it. As the folded weight does not include the battery, the seat, seat back and seat support (yoke?), I don’t find it heavy at all.

Much has been said about the lack of a reverse on the scoot. When I need to back up, usually only out of an elevator, I use both my feet firmly flat on the ground and push back both at the same time! It seems to take less strength and dexterity, which are in short supply for me.

If you think you’ll have trouble getting on/off the TravelScoot, I have loosened the clamp under the seat and rotated the seat to the side, sat down, and then rotated myself with the seat to face forward, and re-clamped it to the yoke. The clamp is just a lever so it isn’t difficult. I learned this tip from Katisdale!

Nomadguy said: “Note: my right hand got tired from continually turning it forward to keep the throttle at the same speed”. I too have problems with my right hand (tendonitis) and solved that problem completely with a cool little $10 motorcycle accessory (who would’ve thought) called a Crampbuster, which is a hand pedal for the throttle. http://www.crampbuster.com

There is a blog which is just chock full of great information: http://mytravelscoot.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html Start at February 2009 as she is learning all the tips and tricks of TravelScoot ownership.

The scooter arrived this afternoon and Diane is absolutely delighted with it and looks forward to many years of usage, particularly when go our Caribbean cruise in November, we will promote the travelscoot whenever we can.

In the meantime thanks for all your help.

With best regards.

I bought my TravelScoot in August 2011. Since then, Hannah Belle and I have crossed the Alps (hence her name), toured Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Sydney, Australia, Arizona, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re leaving in two weeks for England and Scotland.

To say that I am happy with my scooter would be a huge understatement! This scooter has made the continuation of my travel addiction possible.

I have found that I do have to spend a lot of time telling people about TravelScoot and how they can get one of these marvelous scooters. I wondered why you sent a bunch of your cards when I bought Hannah Belle; now I know. I’ve handed out all of those cards, and I’d love for you to send me some more cards to hand out as I tour England!

Thanks again for a terrific product!

I purchased a TravelScoot from you just before Christmas last. Firstly I must say how thrilled I have been with it. I orderted it on a monday and it arrived even with Christmas delays on the Thursday.

It has made so much difference to my life bring able to get out and about around shops ect which I cannot do on my other scooter (an all terrain Tramper) which is incredible for cross country but not suitable for shops etc but between the two scooters I really feel that there is nowhere I cant go!

Less than a month after my TravelScoot arrived I suffered a major sroke. Already having the Travelscoot I was able to return to normal as soon as I was released from hospital. In fact I was even using the Scoot in hospital.

My consultant was so impressed with it he is considering buying one for himself!!

Yours in grateful anticipation.


This thing is a freakin’ miracle of engineering and manufacturing!

It’s so much easier to maneuver than I expected and takes ramps/reasonable inclines so easily. It’s given me access to the park surrounding our house that overlooks the ocean – it’s an old Nike base and has paved roads I’ve never been able to enjoy before, and I’m looking forward to getting to and from work in ease, with relative speed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hello nice folks, just wanted you to know my scooter arrived on time today. Everything arrived in fine shape with zero shipping damage.

I have charged it up and am carefully exploring my fantastic new mobility. Everyone in the office has had a demo Ride and given it a unanimous thumbs up.

What a “Wow factor!

Thanks for this fine product and your excellent job of getting it to me exactly as promised. I

will check back in with you after a few hundred miles with a user report.

I bought my Travelscoot in 2009 and toured England with it and numerous places, in the U.S. It took me places I could never have seen without it.

With it I could keep up with my tour groups.

I am happy to see this product is still for sale.

Hi, Just wanted to write you and tell you, thank you for this wonderful scooter!

I bought mine through “Scootanywhere . I just returned from an 8 day cruise, and my scooter was a life saver.

I have MS, and have an unsteady gait. There is no way I would have been able to walk the length of the ship, or go on the shore excursions without it!

We shopped the whole town of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, with all its steep hills and cobble stone streets for about 4 hours, and my battery never got off “green!

I was a little concerned about going through the airports and traveling on planes, but did not encounter a single problem.

On the cruise ship, I did not have a handicapped accessible room, yet, we still had plenty of room and was able to get the scoot through the door.

Also, before this trip, I took the scooter to the zoo for the day, the battery never got off green at that time either.

I have a Toyota Prius, and have plenty of room to store the scooter in the back.

Once again, thank you!

I love my TravelScoot.

It has given me my mobility back. A few weeks ago I was able to go to the zoo with my 5 year old granddaughter and her kindergarten class.

I went to the local (huge) mall and do window shopping for the first time in 15 years! But, I have run out of your business cards, as people keep asking for information about the Scooter.

Could you please send me more cards?

I received my TravelScoot a few weeks ago and it’s working great.

The lithium ion battery really holds a charge. Overall, I’m very happy with the design, operation and portability of the product.

I have been able to easily adapt to not having a “reverse gear Your product is hands down the best use I’ve seen and owned.

I use my TS whenever I have long distances to walk and areas to navigate through and have done so without incident.

Many people have commented on it and happy to report that I ran out of the cards you sent along with my purchase and have taken to giving people your website info.

Thanks for designing a great scooter! All the best to you and your staff!

We were away for 3 weeks. This of course involved my TravelScoot and I.

The day before we flew out of Brisbane we visited Steve Irwins Zoo ëThe Crocodile Hunterí and to my delight I came across a gentleman on a TravelScoot. He lived on Phillip Island on the South / South East of Australia. .

Best wishes

I doubt that you often receive responses to your product within the first 8 hours of receipt, but here’s one.

It’s a life changer.

Instead of shuffling along on aching legs staring at the ground, I zipped about today in great comfort, looking at people, buildings, trees, everything like I’d never seen it all before, which, for the past few years, is probably true.

I was in and out of stores, galleries and a restaurant with my small dog in the caddy, none of which I’d visited for years. While supervising some construction work I’m having done I sat in comfort instead of standing for two hours with my attention consumed by lower leg and back pain.

Finally, at age 80, I’m having as much fun as I ever had, at a younger age, on Harleys and Hondas. Or in my aerobatic biplane.

I have long been thinking about the vast market for a device to fill the large gap between the human legs and a wheelchair.

I hope to never be resigned to the latter, but I’m delighted with the TravelScoot. (Well, maybe not so much the NAME. How about a model with a more manly moniker, like Travel Hog or Travel Chief? Travel Marauder? Travel Rocket? Travel Avenger? Chick Magnet?)

A very happy customer

I received by TravelScoot yesterday and I am very happy with it in my early try out, and the quality of the entire machine is superior to my expectations.

Also, I am very impressed with the simplicity of assembly.

Further, it fits within my small new hatch back purchased for the the very purpose of taking this scooter where I need it away from home.

It fits perfectly within the vehicle for transport having only to simply remove the seat.

It’s weight is well with my comfort level for lifting it in and taking it out of my vehicle.

My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my TravelScoot.

I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited.

While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment.

At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port.

The TravelScoot was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight.

We would highly recommend the ìTravel Scootî to anyone with limited mobility.

I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery. At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing.

We purchased a TravelScoot in hope of finding a light weight scooter that my wife can use by herself.

We asked if TravelScoot could ship the scoot 1 day earlier than promised so that my wife could take and use it on her cruise. That they did and the day after it arrived my wife left with it for the cruise.

She had no problems on her seven day cruise with the exception of having to back out of a crowed elevator. It took a little effort to do this with people in the elevator. Other than that, she was thrilled with the Scoots ability on ramps and the freedom that it gave her when she went ashore . She would not have been as free and mobile with a heavier scooter.

At least a hundred or so people on the cruise talked to her about the TravelScoot and asked her all about it They were amazed that mobility could come in such a light weight package. The local MS group wants her to bring and show it at their next meeting If only she was on commission.

Thank you for the TravelScoot

My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my TravelScoot.

I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited.

While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment.

At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port.

The TravelScoot was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight. We would highly recommend the ?Travel Scoot? to anyone with limited mobility.

I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery.

At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing.

I have a TravelScoot that I bought 3 or 4 years ago. I love the machine!

I have had a couple of little problems, but you have taken care of each one and the unit is working perfect.

I am asked about the cart almost every time I take it out. Everyone loves it and wanst information about it. I was wondering if you have info or flyers that I could give people?

If you want to send me any cards or flyers I would but happy hand them out to interest people.

My husband loves his TravelScoot and every single time we use it we are stopped by someone wanting to know all about it!!!!!!

It has been fun to see how excited others get when we tell them all about TravelScoot and all the ways it has changed our lives in such a positive way!

Our friend, MIke just purchased a scooter from you this week after coming over for a test drive and to get answers he had before making purchase. Can’t wait til his arrves…then we will start planning a cruise together!

Could you please send me some more business cards? I am completely out because as I said, every time my husband uses the scooter someone stops to ask about it! Some have even taken pictures of it and are so happy when I give them your card. I look forward to giving out your cards on a 2 week cruise we have already booked for the fall!!!

I feel as if I am your East Coast marketing rep!!! When I am sold on a great product, I can sell it!!!!

Thanks in advance for sending the cards,

I am so thrilled with my TravelScoot. The freedom that it has given me is fantastic! I spent 4 weeks in Europe in October and it was a constant attention getter – in all languages.

First of all, I would like to be able to demonstrate it to anyone who is interested in the scooter and lives in North Central Indiana. I drove to Portage, IN to try it out before I bought it. It made all the difference in the world to actuallly sit on it and drive it before we ordered it.

Secondly, can you send me a supply of TravelScoot business cards so that when someone questions me, I can give them a card and refer them to you? I am so enthusiastic about your scooter and have SO MANY people stop me with questions, I’m sure I can help you promote your scooters.

Please get the cards to me ASAP…..

This is an order for a replacement SLA battery and drive belt.

These two items lasted over four years.

Thanks for making my wifes life a lot easier.

Many thanks for the Travelscoot, it is wonderful for me to get around on.

It is so practical and we can even fold and stand it upright in the footwell behind the passenger of our car.

I’ll certainly recommend it to others.

Kind regards,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my now three year old TravelScoot.

Last month we took a three week land/cruise tour throughout Eastern Europe followed by a Baltic Cruise on the Emerald Princess. The scoot was never lacking in power and handled the abundant cobblestones quite efficiently.

I am still using the original belt which I find both surprising and indicative of the fine workmanship that goes into the machine.

I went up some cobblestone ramps that were 15 to 18 degrees and the scoot never faltered (I did get a running start). I am so pleased with the fact that I still have the ability to travel. The TravelScoot allows me to continue to travel.

I have had my travel scoot almost 3.5 years and use it daily.

All I have had to do is tighten a few screws and replace the belt. You have design and built a fine product and I have recommended the scooter to everyone that has asked about and there are a bunch.

Thanks, and have a great day. “

We just got back from our trip to Europe and I wanted you to know how wonderful the TravelScoot performed.

I sprained my ankle the second day in Paris so it became my constant companion for the entire trip…we didn’t miss a thing…it was ridden over cobblestones, in crowded stores through airports , on many trains on sightseeing boats and we never had a problem…it is so compact and well designed…everyone in our group was awed by this little dynamo.

Thank you all so much for your help and assistance in ordering and answering my many questions,

I made a testimonial when I bought my scooter some three years ago. I liked it then, I love it now.

I just changed the drive belt a few minutes ago. What a snap. Really easy and fast.

Thanks for all of the freedom you have given my family and me.

First of all please accept my lot of thanks for helping me by providing a TravelScoot for which I am fully satisfied. I am using it since I received, it is really fantastic and help me to move frequently in the offices as well in Supermarkets. Otherwise I was unable to go to Supermarket to enjoy shopping etc.

With Kind Regards and Thanks, I remain

Just thought I’d let you know how the whole saga turned out. The Mighty Scoot was a champion thru the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, even on cobblestones.

The whole airline thing worked out beyond my wildest expectations; I had escorts at every airport who made sure the battery got on, and it was also in my PNR. I’m just blown away by the whole thing!

For anyone who wants fo know, Amsterdam is a very accessible city, and the major museums were free for handicapped patrons. Love the scoot. BTW, it was the talk of Paris -every day someone asked me about it.

Just a quick note to tell you how happy my husband and I are with our TravelScoots which we bought in Australia about a year ago.

Took them on a long cruise and got off at every port – nowhere was too far for us now! And we have a “date” every Wednesday and we go to the zoo, museum, art gallery, places we couldn’t think of doing for the last 10 years. Thank you!

No problem with the airlines – husband rides his scooter to the plane door, but this is where I have a problem. I have to use a walker and trying to carry a walker while riding my scooter is an impossibility because when I close my A frame walker the front wheels end up at a different height to the back wheels, so it falls over and I can’t push it alongside me. But if I check-in my scooter the distance is often too far for me to walk using my walker – and so my dilemma. How do I travel with both pieces? I have searched the internet for an answer to this and realise that I need an X-frame walker like the Volaris S7, but then as it is still a very akward L shape, I need the uprights to fold down like the steering column on the TravelScoot (similar to how a stroller folds), and of course it needs to be lightweight. Then I can toss it into a bag (even maybe my TravelScoot bag), and carry it on Scoots bottom frame. So I hope this will be the next thing you will design!

In the meantime we will continue to enjoy or well-earned retirement and keep giving our TravelScoots a good workout! Did 13 km on them last Wednesday – right round the river to a local cafe and back, admittedly on the flat, but had no problem at all with battery usage. Which is pretty good as we are both big people. And how nice it is not having to rely on getting a disabled parking spot!


I have just returned from a few days in London and a cruise of the British Isles with the TravelScoot. I probably handed out 6-7 cards, so you should get some more business.
(Would you like to send me on more trips as a salesperson? LOL )

TravelScoot was amazing. Did you know that you can ride it into London’s black cars (cabs)? They have a ramp that pulls out. And TravelScoot was wonderful on the cruise. I was able to go anywhere on the ship, and on tours the bus driver simply put it under the bus without my removing the battery. (One bus driver, at my insistence, even discovered how much fun it was to ride. You should have seen the grin on his face.)

Air travel was a snap with TravelScoot. I got to go through the wheelchair lines at security and customs, so it was very speedy. My biggest problem was curbing my speed – it was so much fun to find an empty hallway and speed down it.

Now that I am home I have taken it to the mall. I haven’t been there in years (and there are lots of places to speed). It is so maneuverable that I can go around the circular racks to look at clothes. I have freedom I haven’t had in years.

Thank you!!!

I have had a TravelScooter since 2005 and can not say enough how happy I am with it. I am thinking I would like to buy one for my parents.

Thank you very much for the quick response and also for providing such a fantastic scooter. You have no idea how it helps a person by giving them independence especially when you can no longer drive a car.

Thank you again for providing fantastic service backup.Regards,

I like my Travel Scoot very much. This scooter has been a life saver on vacation as I am able to see things and get places that I never could before. I have had several people stop me and ask about it. I always refer them to your website.

Thank you.

I would like you to know that I have received the TravelScoot and am simply delighted.

Apart from being very effective, it is beautifully designed and so charming.

I love the feeling it gives. I no longer feel small as when in a wheelchair. I feel free and happy. I feel as if my disability has vanished.

http://handinhappy.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-new-friend-travelscoot.html Kindest regards,

I have recently purchased your wonderful Travelscoot and it is heaven sent!

I don’t like the usual scooters as they look “too official” but this is great and turns heads.

I have had my scooter for about 8 years now and am glad to have people come over to take a look at it and try it out. I also love to talk to people in stores and hand out brochures.

Thanks I love my scooter!!!

I bought my travelscoot from you a couple of years back.

Suffice to say I love my scooter.

It has been a reliable aid in travelling to far corners of this country and abroad.

I like to think I’ve steered a good many others to you with my frequent and enthusiastic testimonials.

In a world sinking under the weight of overhyped disposable junk, this is a great product.

Here are two pictures one from last xmas at the airport with our carry ons and one from this xmas at Disney World. You can see that with the standard seat we both fit on it. Made Disney’s busiest week just great. I could whisk her across the park in no time and the battery held up every day.

Unfortunately both were taken with my phone and a little low res.Thanks,

Mike is having a wonderful time using his travel scoot.

We are causing quite the stir too. Everywhere he goes he is asked where he got such a marvelous scooter.

So light and so useful. Everyone seems to find a need or someone who needs one as soon as they see Mike zooming around.

We have used the Scoot in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and tomorrow we land in Malaysia.

It has made the life of a Parkinson’s patient so much easier and so much more fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have used my Travelscoot for 19 months now and what a marvelous life changer it has been. It is used daily, running time between two to five hours, bum on seat time from two to eight hours.

It takes me less than two minutes to break it down or reassemble to and from the trunk of my car. This process has been performed on busy days up to ten times.

I had originally purchased my Travelscoot with two Lithium batteries and I just swap them out each day with a freshly charged battery, or at times when I only use the machine for an hour or so a day, one battery lasts a whole week.

It has brought much mobility into my life as I now go to places that I never would have gone before.

I have made some modifications, by adding a water bottle holder, a wine glass holder and an umbrella holder. I removed the backrest and added a high quality lambswool pad to improve my comfort on days where I am seated for long hours.

Your machine has drawn a lot of attention and I have been stopped by interested parties probably two or three hundred times for information and give some a ”little sit” and others have even had a “little test ride”. I sincerely hope that some of these interactions have eventually become sales as I have pointed them all to your web site.

You certainly provide a life changing opportunity for people with disability issues.


A HUGE thank you!!

I am extremely pleased that you have taken the time to make this product.

I have used my TravelScoot every single day.

I sit on it during meetings at work. I take it to lunch. I ride with my peers to coffee in the morning.

When my health turned I felt left out of everything. If I had to describe it in a word, it would be autonomy”. I was always stuck depending on others and often going somewhere I didn’t want to go.

TravelScoot has given me back my autonomy; now I go where I want, when I want because it is so light I can manage on my own.

Now my wife can’t walk as much, so with the two shopping baskets and a store basket under my knees I can do the shopping. And if I forget something ‘way off in the back corner of the store’ it’s no big deal to zip off and get it.

Best Regards,

I have had mine now for nearly three years and it is in use every day.

I carry it in the back of my small hybrid – with a folding bicycle so I have a choice of transport.

It has also travelled widely. I am just back from a trip to London where my 3 year old grandson spent a lot of time on my lap. (He can now drive it, throttle, steering, the works – all but the brakes!)

We fled London for some warmth and spent 5 days in Marrakech, Morocco – lots of travelling in the Medina, the old walled city, bumping over cobblestones and getting carried up and down stairs. The Travelscoot performed perfectly.

Additionally mine has been to New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Lewes, Brighton, the Isle of Skye, Paris, Toulouse, Delhi and the Taj Mahal.

Thanks again for the gift!

We are VERY happy with the Travelscoot — it has been to many countries with no problems at all for over 2 years.

We have 2 Li-Ion batteries and are never without power even on long days with lots of touring.

I have made one change to it by adding a scooter hoist bracket to the bottom of the seat post with its pipe clamp, so now she can get it into the car easily with the Bruno electric hoist, just like all the previous scooters she has owned. The balance is perfect for the hoist.

And when we travel together I can lift it in and out of vehicles, fold it up, etc for maximum flexibility.

It’s the best scooter she has owned, and has owned many over 20 years.

We purchased our TravelScoot a couple of years ago. We have loved it.

It opened up a whole world to us that we had previously had to forget about.

Wow! We’ve taken it on vacations, been able to shop malls, been to local and state fairs and stock shows, taken it on our motorhome for ease in getting around rv parks, loaned it to friends who would love to have it, and I’ve used it at work to get around the huge plant where I work where as before I was limited as to what work I could do due to being unable to walk distance and duration.

In addition, the local hospital where my husband has been a patient a LOT these past 2 years is huge. The TravelScoot has been a god send for both of us. We have not yet attempted to travel via air with it, but when we went to Savannah we were certainly wishing we had brought it along!

I have now ridden my TravelScoot with the larger Li-on battery around SF for about a week and am very pleased.

I’ve even ridden up and down one of SF’s justifiably famous hills, it went up w/o problems with the original motor gear, though I will probably move to the high torque gear in time if only to keep me from high speed crashes. It also went down safely, I have strong hands, would not recommend Nob Hill in either direction if one has arthritis.

I get regular expressions of interest from pedestrians, scooter users, and wheel chair users. Even young men tell me it is a cool ride”.

The only concern I have is the bell gets loose on the handlebar and seems to be in danger of falling off regularly so I put a tie wrap around it and resolved the problem. I will put some blinking bicycle lamps on front and back because I regularly ride after dark.

I’m glad I bought it.

My husband Ron is a devoted customer…we love the TravelScoot.

I just have a question-

The scooter stays in the trunk of the car all the time. We take the battery in the house because it has been getting really cold at night (last night it went down to 19 degrees). Is the battery safe in the car with the temperature that low? if not, Ron was saying that perhaps we could wrap it in a thermal blanket. Do you think that would work?

The main reason for the inquiry is because Ron can’t carry the battery himself and feels bad about having to depend on all of us to bring it in.

Of course if you recommend bringing it in, whether we have a thermal blanket or not, we certainly will do that.

After all, this is his freedom”!


Same cold here in Germany, brrrrrr. According to the battery mfg., freezing temperatures above Zero Fahrenheit should not hurt the battery. But as long as the battery is cold the capacity suffers ( considerable less distance on a charge) But in any case do not ride in snow because it will ruin the drive belt in no time.

Best regards

I came by with my family to your workshop last summer and bought a TravelScoot.

Just wanted to let you know that it has been working amazingly great for me.

I have traveled everywhere in US and even Mexico with it and love this product.


I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with my scooter. It is better than new. I appreciate the time you spent.

After 3 years, hundreds of hours and miles, and two continents, the scooter looks and runs like new.

Great product and even better service!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We purchased a travelscoot about 6 months ago and just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our purchase, it has changed my husbands life and mine because of its weight and ease to get in and out of a car as I am 64 and he is 71 and 100kg. It copes so well with quite heavy use and is the very best thing we have spent money on in a long time.

Thank you!!!

I’ve had my TravelScoot (a/k/a Scoots) since September and I can’t imagine being without it. It’s made going to work so much easier, and cruising so much better. It’s performing flawlessly — as advertised.

I briefly compared notes w/ another passenger on my recent cruise who was also zipping around on a T/S — we outdid each other in rave reviews for this wonderful addition to our lives.

I enthusiastically answered any questions I could from other passengers and crew members — and even distributed some of your business cards (which I just happened” to have with me!). You never know . . .

I have had my sccoter now for more than 3 years and the li-on battery for over a year and it is still working wonderfully. My scooter is amazing. Freedom is spelled: TRAVELSCOOT.

My new li-on battery really came in handy the last two weeks. My husband had an emergency triple by-pass surgery in the Houston Medical Center which is a very large complex that required me to be mobile at all hours and for long distances. I could not have been able to help him recover without my Travelscoot.

We are now home and more thankful than ever for finding the scooter on the net several years ago.

We spent the day with our daughter and daughter in law and 5 grandkids, what a wonderful day it was. We were all over the zoo, checking out the animals, having lunch, seeing the penguins, the butterflies and all the other animals and exhibits, then for a nice ride on the carousel, the kids had a great time, so did I!

This TravelScoot has opened a whole new vista for us and were really taking advantage of it. Walking around the lake, all around the zoo, next were going to Ravinia for a concert and then to the Botanical Gardens, things I never thought I’d be doing.

I was delighted to find out my niece Jan Lipson had bought a Travelscoot for her father-in-law.

I can’t tell you how many people stop me and ask me about my scooter. I always feel like I’m doing a good deed when I give them the information. The Travelscoot certainly has changed my life.

I’ve had more than a half dozen trips to New York and Miami and Los Angeles, and it’s been a Godsend.


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