Adult Mobility Scooters

Lightweight and Travel-Friendly Adult Mobility Scooters

There’s no reason to give up your independence thanks to our broad range of adult mobility scooters, which are the most portable and lightweight solutions on the market. With the battery included, our scooters weigh as little as 15kg, and you can fold them to fit inside your car, the bus or the train. You can also store them in the overhead compartment of a plane. Below, we explain why our products are so crucial for people with mobility issues and discuss ways to keep your electric travelscoot sidekick in top condition.

The Importance of an Electric Mobility Scooter for Adults

Here’s why our products are essential:

  • Retain your independence: If you can only walk a few steps without experiencing pain, you might worry you’ll need to rely on family members for assistance for the rest of your days. Thanks to our lightweight electric scooter, you can shop, dine and drive without help. At just 15kg, our solutions are lighter than any competing product. You won’t struggle to take your scooter anywhere.
  • Don’t give up travelling: We design our solutions with portability in mind. Not only can you store your foldable scooter in tight spaces, but you can also take it on the planes because all the well-known airlines have approved our batteries. Every day, thousands of Travelscoots are on their way to destinations all over the world. Forget the idea of having to stay at home all day and go and see some new sights with the help of our electric scooter.
  • Cover long distances with confidence: Despite their light weight and portability, our scooters can travel up to 20km per charge. There’s no need to worry about getting stranded anywhere when you invest in one of our products.

Tips for Getting More Value of Your Electric Mobility Scooter for Adults

Our solutions are highly durable, which is why we cover them with two-year warranties. These useful pointers will help you get years or even decades of use out of your scooter:

  • Take care of your batteries: We recommend charging your battery for 12 hours when you first receive your Travelscoot. You should also try to keep your scooter fully charged as often as possible. We recommend calling our professionals for an annual service because all batteries lose capacity over time.
  • Check your tyres: For the sake of your safety, you ought to examine your tyres at least once every two months. If your tyres appear bald or damaged, they could lose traction, making it essential to replace them as often as necessary.
  • Inspect your seat: Many of our solutions have detachable seats, meaning you must ensure yours is firmly fastened before you embark on a journey. Just give the seat a waggle before leaving home. If the seat seems loose, use the allen key toolkit located in the front pocket of your travelscoot and tighten it up, or call our professionals for advice or an inspection.

About Travelscoot Australia

At Travelscoot Australia, we started our business nearly a decade ago to provide our clients with the most lightweight, reliable and portable electric scooters on the market. You can find our products in various retail outlets in Australia: Assistive Technology Australia (Blacktown, Sydney), Independent Living Centre (Newmarket, Brisbane), and Mobility Repairs (Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne). If you have any questions about our solutions, call our professionals.

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