Fold-Up Mobility Scooter

Travelscoot is Australia’s Lightest, Easiest, and strongest, Fold-Up Mobility Scooter

Regain your independence with a fold-up mobility scooter by TravelScoot. Our TravelScooters are lightweight, durable and easy to handle. They allow you to move yourself around instead of waiting for assistance.

The Importance of a Fold Up Motorised Scooter

A foldable mobility scooter is an essential travel companion that allows you to join the fun with your family and friends.

  • The Travelscoot can take you anywhere you want to go. It fits easily in the overhead locker of a plane or the car. Bus and rail travel is made easier with a scooter that allows you to move from one place to another on your own.
  • When travelling, having a lightweight and reliable scooter is critical. The Travelscoot weighs 15kg (including the battery), which is at least 10kg less than all other mobility scooters. The lightweight allows you to move your scooter without assistance from a companion or transportation employee. Our scooters are reliable and come with a two-year warranty.
  • Airplane travel is made easier with the Travelscoot. Our scooter has been approved for use by all major airlines. Ride your foldable scooter to the door of the plane, then remove the battery, and the ground crew can easily pick up and store your scooter in the plane’s storage. No need to break apart the scooter, and you carry the lightweight battery on to the plane.

Problems a Fold Up Electric Scooter Addresses

Using a folding mobility scooter allows you to move with freedom and independence. Our scooters address the following challenges:

  • Lack of accessible scooters. Accessibility refers to the design of a device, service or environment for people with short or long-term disabilities. The Travelscoot is designed with accessibility in mind. The lightweight body is easy to lift and move, and can be folded as easily as an umbrella. This means most individuals can manage their scooter on their own, giving them the freedom to conduct daily activities, such as a visit to the library or coffee shop, on their own.
  • Lack of ability to walk long distances. Using an electric scooter increases your ability to travel with friends and family from short to long distances, up to twenty kilometres on one charge. You no longer have to sit in the car while others do the shopping, you can get out and join them.
  • Mobility scooters take up too much space. The Travelscoot can manoeuvre in small spaces, and can be tucked in a corner in restaurants. The scooter fits easily in most spaces, and folds quickly and easily, collapsing on itself like an umbrella.

The Travelscoot is the lightest mobility scooter available and provides the freedom to move easily throughout your daily life and travels.

Why a Customer Should Buy from Travelscoot Australia

Travelscoot provides German-engineered mobility scooters for those with short- and long-term mobility requirements. You can try the scooter yourself by visiting one of our three showrooms: Assistive Technology Australia (Blacktown, Sydney), Independent Living Centre Lifetec Australia, (Newmarket, Brisbane) and Mobility Repairs (Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne).

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