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Travelscoot Offers The Lightest, Most Robust Mobility Scooters in Brisbane

Owning a mobility scooter in Brisbane is imperative to maintain your independence as an older adult or someone with physical impairments. Yet, be aware that it is not suited to the frail or infirm.

What You Can Expect from Travelscoot on Portable Mobility Scooters in Brisbane

The Travelscoot is the lightest scooter, even with the battery fitted. Its design enables you to take it up a flight of stairs quite easily and onto buses, trains and aeroplanes as well. Visit our showroom in Brisbane to test drive a scooter and experience for yourself what a difference it could make to your life.

  • Weight: Although this is the lightest scooter around, it is also robust and agile, making it well-suited to various situations. The 15kg weight, including the battery, ensures that you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Portability: This little scooter folds up small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an aircraft, in a small hatchback or a small cabinet of a motorhome. With the top speeds within regulations, you can use it in all areas where walking is permitted.
  • Travel approved: Major airlines have authorised the Travelscoot, and the battery is within the limits they have set. Travel by plane, train, car, bus or cruise on a ship without limitations to your chosen mode of transportation. Remember, when you’re out and about, that the weight of the rider affects the scooter performance, for example, the heavier the rider, the lower the incline climbing ability of the scooter.

Creative Ways to Use a Lightweight Mobility Scooter in Brisbane

Owning a Travelscoot is an investment in your lifestyle. Ensure longevity and optimal function by taking proper care of your scooter. With the various accessories available, you can tailor make it to suit your lifestyle to a tee.

  • Shopping: Adding a foldable shopping basket to your scooter ensures that you won’t drop your parcels, or struggle with heavy packages as you can put your purchases in the front loading basket, or you could opt for a little trailer to attach to the back should your shopping sprees require more space than the basket offers.
  • Head and tail-light set: The headlight boasts five bright white LEDs and two side facing yellow LEDs, while the taillight has the same number of red LEDs. These sets mount in seconds with straps and use AAA batteries.
  • Beverage holder: A quick, secure, mount and you’re off with a travel mug containing your favourite refreshment.

About Travelscoot

We have been selling this German engineered mobility scooter, which is unparalleled in its function and simplicity, for six years. Designed and engineered for stability and portability, this lightweight scooter is changing the lives of people worldwide. To ensure the longevity of your scooter, we offer a backup service and a two-year warranty. Our team can answer all your questions and help you choose the model best suited to your lifestyle.

Scoot on over to our Brisbane showroom, or contact us online, but whatever you do, get your hand on a Travelscoot today!

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