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Regain Independence with Mobility Scooters in Sydney by Travelscoot Australia

If you suffer from mobility issues you understand the difficulties travelling with conventional mobility scooters present, this is why we at Travelscoot Australia are proud to offer lightweight mobility scooters in Sydney. The Travelscoot is known as the world’s lightest motorised mobility scooter, and at only 15kg, including the battery, it has more than earned that title. Due to their light and compact nature, they are the perfect mobility scooter for the frequent traveller be it by car, rail, boat or plane.

Problems Lightweight Mobility Scooters in Sydney Address

Most mobility scooters are cumbersome and often contain batteries too big to be allowed onto aeroplanes. This bulkiness can make it difficult for mobility impaired people to bring their motorised scooter with them when they travel. Without their scooter, they can find themselves cut off from activities while on their journey. Our Travelscoot solves this in the following ways:

  • At only 15kg, the Travelscoot is the most portable mobility scooter on the market, and many users can move it into vehicles themselves, gaining even more freedom
  • Motorised scooter batteries are often too large for airline travel. The Travelscoot fits under the 300wh limit most airlines have so it can legally fly on all major airlines.
  • The Travelscoot is as easy to fold as an umbrella and in its folded state can fit into an overhead compartment.

Benefits of Portable Mobility Scooters in Sydney by Travelscoot Australia

While the Travelscoot is the most portable motorised mobility scooter on the market, it doesn’t prioritise mobility over function. When you purchase a Travelscoot you can be assured that it will handle all the use a larger motorised scooter could for the following reasons:

  • The Travelscoot is German designed. It’s inventor, Hartmut Huber, needed a powered mobility scooter due to an old injury but couldn’t find one that offered the power and portability he desired. The initial Travelscoot design came from his needs and has taken the world by storm since.
  • The battery in the Travelscoot might be small enough for airline travel but without a sacrifice in range. The Travelscoot can go about 20km on a single charge.
  • We back up the reliability of our Travelscoot motorised scooters with a 2-year warranty, but you don’t have to take our word on that. There are testimonials of hundreds of happy Travelscoot users from around the world.

About Travelscoot Australia

Travelscoot Australia has proudly brought the Travelscoot to Australia and has been the authorised dealer of the Travelscoot here for six years. We partner with Assistive Technology Australia in Blacktown Sydney, Independent Living Centre in Newmarket Brisbane and Live Click Australia in Mornington Peninsula Melbourne to bring our Travelscoots to their showrooms.

Please contact us if you are interested in regaining your independence; we have showrooms for our mobility scooter in Blacktown Sydney.

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