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This Travel scooter by Travelscoot Australia is Perfect For Travel

At Travelscoot Australia, we know that for those who rely on mobility devices, it can be challenging to travel with a scooter, this was why the Travelscoot portable motorised Travel scooter was invented. As the lightest and most portable motorised scooter on the market, the Travelscoot offers those who rely on mobility scooters the freedom and independence they desire, even when travelling.

Benefits of Travel scooters from Travelscoot Australia

All too often, travel with mobility support can become a hassle. Many of the larger conventional mobility scooters are too big to fit in the trunk of a car or the overhead compartment of an aeroplane. Even the ones that can usually are so heavy or large that the user will require the help of other people to travel effectively. The Travelscoot is designed to be different for the following reasons:

  • At only 15kg, the Travelscoot is the lightest portable motorised mobility scooter on the market. It is so light that most users can move it themselves, not having to rely on the help of others.
  • It might be light, but it does not sacrifice strength or power in the quest to be portable. The Travelscoot is German engineered by a man who, due to an old injury, needed to use a mobility scooter himself. When none of the products on the market could offer the strength and portability required from Travel scooter; he designed the Travelscoot, which soon became one of the most popular mobility scooters in the world.
  • Ease of use is also an essential factor for the Travelscoot. You can remove the battery, and the scooter itself folds up for travel storage as easily as an umbrella.

Problems Airline Approved Mobility Scooters Address

One of the most significant issues with motorised mobility scooters is travelling with them. This is an especially big problem with airline travel. The portability and folding qualities discussed above help in this area, but they are not the only problems the Travelscoot solves.

  • Airlines have limits on the size and power of batteries that they allow onto their aeroplanes. Many of them limit motorised mobility scooter batteries to 300wh. The Travelscoot battery is 274wh, and all major airlines allow them.
  • Don’t let the small battery fool you; the Travelscoot does not sacrifice range in its quest to be the lightest portable motorised mobility scooter on the market. It averages 20km on a single charge.
  • With its small size, the Travelscoot enables its users to manoeuvre into even small bathrooms with ease.

About Travelscoot Australia 

The Travelscoot has become an international phenomenon, and Travelscoot Australia is proud to bring their portable mobility scooters to Australia. We partner with three different businesses to bring our Travelscoots to showrooms across the country including Live Click Australia in Mornington Peninsula Melbourne, Assistive Technology Australia in Blacktown Sydney, and Independent Living Centre in Newmarket Brisbane.

Please contact us if you are a frequent traveller looking for portable and lightweight travel mobility scooters for sale.

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